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Citation Management: Additional Tools For Your Work

Better manage your papers by utilizing citation management tools that will allow you to format collected and generated citations in addition to other beneficial features.

Even More Tools

Take Your Work Further with These Additional Tools

Author Identifiers, or Research Identifiers, is a number exclusive to an author that keeps all of their papers, books, and articles attached to their name even as they operate within to different institutions or change their name. Within the vast field of authors and researchers, having an author identifier will allow you to differentiate and identify yourself from the others. 

A few Author Identifier resources you can implement:
- ORCID (Open Researcher and Contributor ID): allows you to identify and stay connected to your work across various Author Identifier platforms such as Scopus and Calrivate's Web of Science.
- Scopus: in addition to allowing its users to identify themselves from other researchers, it also maintains a huge database of scientific journals, books, and research that users are able to engage with. 


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Author Profiles

Just as authors utilize identifiers to stay connected to their pieces and distinguish themselves from others, Author Profiles act as portfolios for them to properly showcase all of their scholarly work. A prominent profile service for this is Google Scholar. This academic search engine is a free tool to research scholarly resources across various categories, i.e., articles, books, abstracts and court opinions, and theses and dissertations.

As a Google Scholar, you're able to display your publications and citation metrics, or how often your work is cited in other academic work. Note: Signing up 
is made easy as all you would need is a Google account.


Scholarly Networks

While Google Scholar enables author profiles, it is primarily an academic research tool. However, sites like, ResearchGate, and even Mendeley provide strong networks for researchers to gather, discuss, share, and thrive together. These are called Scholarly Networks, or Academic Networks. They are built specifically for fostering and supporting the research community while also allowing them to create author profiles, display their publications, and actively collaborate on academic resources and materials.

For more information and examples, explore this in-depth libguide that discusses Author Identifiers, Author Profiles, operating ORCID, and more - ORCID and Other Researcher Identifiers

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