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ENGL 3030: Paper Proposal

Introduction to Rhetorical Studies

The Assignment

A paper proposal should include:

1) a brief description of what you will address in your final paper

2) a brief discussion of the sources you will use to make your case

3) a brief description of the concrete suggestions you will make to address the issue

4) a brief discussion of the audience you intend to target in your paper. Who will be interested in what you have to say and why does what you say matter?

Bottom Line

Don't get overwhelmed by this process! Remember the Ws:

Who is your audience? Students, organizations, the business world, entertainers, or the general public?

What is your problem/idea? You only need a brief statement for the proposal, but you will have to explain it in detail in your paper. You will also discuss your solution(s) to the problem.

Why is this issue important? Who says so? This is where the articles you found will back you up.

Where is this issue of concern? Is it a global problem or a local one?

When - what time frame are you looking at? Is your issue current, historical, or both?