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BIOL 1051/1101: Biology Information Literacy Tutorial: Find Articles

Search Strategies

Write down the topic you're interested in researching

Example: Migratory patterns of Killer Whales in the Pacific


Breakdown you topic into keywords. 

Example: Migratory patterns of Killer Whales in the Pacific


Next, right of list of synonyms for each keyword

Example: Migratory patterns, migration, migrate, range, habitat

Killer Whales, Orca, Orcinus orca

Pacific, Pacific Ocean


Choose a database and plug the keywords into different search boxes.  If you only have one search box, you can use an AND in between the words

Example: Migratory patterns AND orcinus orca AND pacific ocean

To listen to an audio recording of this concept, please click the play button below:

Find a Specific Journal

Browsing through a journal in your field can be helpful when choosing a topic. 

When you have a citation to a specific journal and you need to get the full text of an article from it.

When you want to just browse an online journal.

Symbols Explained

  = click on this button to retrieve full-text if available from a database that Joyner subscribes to.

   = click here to find out about the database

 = indicates that the databases is full-text

Science Databases

Medical/Health Databases

Biology Databases

The following are direct links to all of the subscription databases for ECU Libraries on the subject of Biology.