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Gun Violence and Public Health

This libguide describes the health endemic that is gun violence, the literature, and what health professionals can do about it.

Welcome & Rationale

Welcome! We hope this libguide will serve you as you search for information on gun violence's relationship to public health. This guide will provide you with research articles on the subject and resources to learn more. 

Gun violence and mass shootings are inherently public health issues as they affect not only the physical but also the psychological health of our patients today. As health professionals, it is imperative that we acknowledge the severity of the issue, educate ourselves, and find appropriate actions we can take to prevent further damage whenever possible. 

As we (the creators of this guide) are librarians, see below for the American Library Association statement on Gun Violence Affecting Libraries, Library Workers, and Library Patrons. Like you, we serve the public and wish for their wellness in all aspects of life.