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HLTH 4880: Applied Principles of Health Education: Campus, Community, Government

Advanced Google Search

As you look for certain resources, using Advanced Google Search Strategies can be helpful! Type site: whatever domain ending you are searching for, and then keyword(s) related to your topic.


For example:

site: smoking cessation

This search will bring up results with the ending that have to do with smoking cessation. Searching for resources could be partiularly helpful when trying to find campus and community contacts.

site: .gov nutrition

This search will bring up government resources that include the term nutrition. 

National Government Resources - search engine for government health documents - Health and Nutrition Resources - US Dept. of Health and Human Services

National Institutes of Health

National Library of Medicine

National Associations

Encyclopedia of Associations-National- National Organizations of the US

Encyclopedia of Associations- Regional - Local and state organizations of the US