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Journal Hosting Service: Open Journal System Guideline

Joyner Library provides journal hosting services for faculties using Open Journal System platform. Theory & Practice in Rural Education is running on the OJS platform.

This page will help you with the Open Journal System as an author or an editor or a journal manager. All of the contents can be found in the OJS guideline.

It provides an introductory overview for each stage of the workflow from submission to production. It also provides further background information on some of the configuration options.

When you see Help links within the application, they'll open a help panel with the most useful information for that section.

A more detailed look at this software is available in Learning OJS 3.0.


Copyright: Simon Fraser University holds the copyright for work produced by the Public Knowledge Project and has placed its documentation under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Please use the link above for the OJS guideline. Open it when you download it.

Find the sections below in the guideline if you are:

  • An Author: Authoring; Submission
  • A Journal Manager: The whole guideline
  • An Editor: Submission Stage; Review Stages; Copyediting; Production
  • A Reviewer: Reviewing


Please go to the link This is the main page of our demo journal, Scholarly Communication Gazette. This is basically what a journal looks like in OJS. You may want to take 1 to 2 minutes to go through the journal before you go to register your new user profile by clicking the “Register” button on the upright corner.


In the next screen, you will be asked to fill in the necessary information. Be noted all the fields with “*” are mandatory.

After the register button is clicked, you will login automatically with the username you filled in the registration form and redirect to the page of your user profile.

As a new user, you can view and edit your information here. By clicking the tabs, you can view/edit different categories of information. 

You can view/edit your name (given name, family name and preferred public name) here. However, the username can’t be changed.

The place you set your contact information such as email address (by default the one you input when you registered), mailing address, signature, phone number and affiliation.

This is an important section in which you set your role/roles with the journal. There are 3 roles for you to choose: Author, Reviewer, Reader. “If you're enrolled as a Reviewer for this site, you can enter your Reviewing Interests from the Roles tab.”

Here you can set your public image, bio statement, home URL and ORCID iD.

Set your new password.

Here you can set which notifications you wish to receive. Check the note at the top of the page.

API key
Here you can set the API key to access your account.