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Data Management: Agency Requirements

Data Management Plans, Support, and Data Repository Recommendations

DMP Tool Customized Text and Resources for Grants


The NSF strengthened its data sharing policy as of January 18, 2011, when it began requiring all grant proposals to include a two-page data management plan.  Guidelines are available online.  

NSF Guidelines of Dissemination and Sharing Research Data

NSF Instruction to the data management plan in proposal preparation

Additional NSF Information

  • Grant Proposal Guide, Chapter II - Proposal Preparation Instructions
    The very general guidelines for data management plans are presented here under Chapter II.C.2.j, Special Information and Supplementary Documentation.
  • Data Management Requirements
    Contains data management requirements and plans relevant to specific Directorates, Offices, Divisions, Programs, and other NSF units. If no guidance is provided, then the general requirements enumerated in Chapter II.C.2.j, linked above, apply.
  • Data Management & Sharing FAQs
    Contains a variety of frequently asked questions relating to data management, data management plans, and data sharing.
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