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Manage your works and find tools for managing the citations you collect to works written by other authors.

What is an Author Identifier?

Simply put, an Author Identifier is a unique number to identify each author.

Why should you consider getting and using an author identifier?

  • Bring together all your publications (for instance, you published as Jane Smith, Jane L. Smith, JL Smith, J Smith, etc.)
  • Create an authoritative list of all your publications throughout your career
  • Enable better discovery of your scholarly output

What administrative efficiencies do author identifiers offer?

  • More accurately measure citations of individual papers or authors
  • Easier evaluation of an author’s productivity and impact in his/her field
  • Simplified data handling and richer cross-referencing are possible

There are three common Author Identifier systems available:

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Why Use Bibliographic Management Software?

Bibliographic Management software exists to serve several functions:

  • Create bibliographies (and change them automatically from style to style!)
  • Manage your PDF library
  • Organize the citations to papers you want to read
  • Share citations with colleagues