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FORL 2620: Propaganda and the German Perspective

French Literature in Translation - War and Memory in France

German propaganda poster with French text: "Abandoned Populations, Have Trust in the German Soldier."

German propaganda poster in French: "Abandoned Populations, Have Trust in the German Soldier." Photo from Paris, 1942.

Sample additional titles from the Joyner Library collection

Wanting to research this theme further?  Joyner Library has a range of related titles available to you.  Below are a handful of books and ebooks on the theme of propaganda and the German perspective, but find many more by searching the Joyner Library collection.

Recommended Further Reading

Explore topics related to Nazi propaganda using a Credo concept map.  Just click on the image below.

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Search OneSearch to find more titles the on war propaganda and the German perspective.  After doing an initial search, try limiting your search results to only books and ebooks by using the limiter to the left of your results.