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Faculty Resources: Teaching Topics

The faculty resources are designed to assist you in developing and teaching your writing intensive courses.

What's Here?



A variety of instructional resources are available to faculty from all disciplines. These resources include: activities, videos, handouts, slideshow presentations, and other multimedia resources. 

Peer Review

Dr. Debra Anderson discusses her successes, areas of improvement, and approaches regarding peer review with foreign language students.

Writing As a Process

Coding & Analyzing Information (Prezi)

This presentation can show students the strategies for analyzing and interpreting the data they collect from their various research topics. 

Literature Review & Synthesis (Prezi)

This presentation can breakdown how students can appraise a literature review and how they can apply this into an academic synthesis. 

Help for reading, understanding conventions, and tools for productive research and research writing.

Coding & Analyzing Information (Prezi)

Coding can help students better analyze and group data from a text into a form they may easier understand. This Prezi outlines the best methods and practices for coding. 

Minimal Marking

This video explains a strategy that instructors can use to reduce the amount of red ink being used to revise students' papers. 

Paragraph Sandwich

This presentation can be used to teach students the metaphor of the paragraph sandwich. 


CRAFT & MMAPs are acronyms for the concepts students should consider when working on a writing a writing assignment. CRAFT being: Context, Role, Audience, Format, and Topic. MMAPs being: Mode, Media, Audience, Purpose, and Situation. 

Effective Arguments (Prezi)

This presentation can show students how to create an effective argument by utilizing the acronym AUDIENCE: Analysis, Understanding, Demographics, Interest, Environment, Needs, Customization, and Expectations.  

Teaching on Plagiarism

Response, Evaluation & Feedback

Tech Tools for Responding to Student Writing

This Prezi presents different ways an instructor can provide student feedback through digital inquiry.  

Brainstorming, Planning, & Pre-write

Teaching Grammar & Mechanics