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Administrative Supervision Series: Sharpening your Knowledge and Skills 2021: Series Topics, March-April

March-May 2021

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Administration 101: Transitioning into a Leadership Role, March 16, 2021

Administration 101: Transitioning into a Leadership Role

March 16, 2021
This session is designed to engage aspiring, new, or seasoned leaders (supervisors, managers, administrators) in conversation about common challenges, strategies for success, and other issues woven into the complex fabric of leadership. Attendees will be encouraged to be interactive and share through their experiences what they found helpful, challenging, or essential to their leadership success. Topics covered will include leading through crises, maintaining healthy boundaries and relationships with your teams, and building strong teams that acknowledge similarities and differences among them and ways to embrace it all for the good of the group.
• Describe the common challenges and strategies to becoming an effective leader
• Recognize how to lead through crises and maintain calm
• Examine ways to establish healthy boundaries to maximize communication and employee retention
• Learn how to implement conflict resolution strategies to build trust and community among your team

10 Tips For Successfully Transitioning Into A New Leadership Role

Hit the Ground Running: Transitioning to New Leadership Roles

Stepping into a Leadership Role? Be Ready to Tell Your Story, Harvard Business Review, by David Sluss, April 16, 2020

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We Are Not All the Same, But That Is a Good Thing! March 30, 2021

We Are Not All the Same, But That Is a Good Thing!

March 30, 2021
This session is designed to open up conversations about culture and diversity in a safe and supportive context. Attendees will discuss how this topic impacts their work as leaders (e.g., supervisors, managers, administrators) and ways to navigate it successfully one step at a time.
• Identify the common terms used to communicate culture and diversity as a way to promote inclusivity in the workplace
• Recognize resources that invite each of us to explore our biases and beliefs and how they impact us in our work
• Describe how social location identities (e.g., age, race, gender etc.) all impact who we are and how we experience our work and relationships with others
• Obtain beginning competencies toward building a more inclusive and welcoming workplace

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Building a Strong and Effective Team, April 14, 2021

Building a Strong and Effective Team

April 14, 2021
Part of developing a strong team is one’s ability to accurately assess the strengths and challenges associated with each team member and use those strengths to build a strong, cohesive unit while minimizing potential conflicts. Participants will learn skills to assess these strengths and to limit potential conflicts when supervising a team.
• Identify different models associated with finding strengths and areas of growth
• Learn how to engage in conversations with their supervisees that help build strong working relationships
• Enhance your ability to resolve conflict using effective strategies

5 Steps to Building an Effective Team, HuffPost, 04/23/2015

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How to build an Effective Team: focus on just 3 things, CMI, Written by Tina Benson, Thursday 20 February 2020

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The Secrets of Great Teamwork, Harvard Business Review

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