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Fall 2021

Sophomore Research

Sophomore student research

College during COVID: Persevering through a pandemic – Mission Times Courier


Colleges Envisioned a Near-Normal Fall Semester. Then Came the Delta Variant. Should colleges offer Freshman Year 2.0 to make up for COVID?


Could the Summer Slide Become a Covid Crash?


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Report: COVID-19 Has Hurt College Students


Sophomore Experience launched to support second-year students | News | Vanderbilt University


Summary Report, Understanding the Sophomore Year Experience


Supporting Students Throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic and Remote Learning: Lessons Learned from Brown University’s Peer Coaching Program


Survey: Pandemic Negatively Affected Grades This Fall


The COVID-19 pandemic affects all college students, but probably not equally


The Freshmen Experience During COVID-19 | WUSF Public Media


The Other Freshman Class (


The sophomore transition: Considerations for effective academic advising > NACADA


What is “Sophomore Slump?" | University of Wisconsin - Stout

Academic Research on Sophomore Student Success

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