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Rural Health Symposium 2021: Thu., Feb. 25, Morning Sessions

February 24-26,, 2021

Rural Health Symposium


NC Crossing Boundaries Together

Coronavirus or COVID-19 Research Guide:

Research from PubMed:


Spotlight on the Safety Net: Deploying Mobile COVID-19 Testing Programs in North Carolina as an Approach to Improving Health Equity.

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The Emerging Chronic Sequelae of COVID-19 and Implications for North Carolina.

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SIDEBAR: Addressing North Carolina Hispanics and Latinos Affected by COVID-19: A Grassroots Approach.

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Centering Equity and Community in the Recovery of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

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No Hugs Allowed: Isolation and Inequity in North Carolina Long-term Services and Supports During COVID-19.

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SIDEBAR: COVID-19 Devastates North Carolina's Child Care System and Threatens Health and Safety of Children, Families, and Early Educators.

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Invest in Rural North Carolina to Ensure a Thriving State, Pandemic or Not.

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Simulation of "North Carolina Protocol for Allocating Scarce Inpatient Critical Care Resources in a Pandemic" in a Multi-hospital Health Care System.

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Agricultural Toxicology


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COVID-19 Innovations Session


Rapid conversion of an in-patient hospital unit to accommodate COVID-19: An interdisciplinary human factors, ethnography, and infection prevention and control approach.

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Expanding Telemonitoring in a Virtual World: A Case Study of the Expansion of a Heart Failure Telemonitoring Program During the COVID-19 Pandemic.

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