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North Carolina Online Resources: an Annotated List of NC Websites: State of North Carolina

Noorth Carolina Links Collection: State of North Carolina

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Directory of the State and County Officials in North Carolina:
Maintained by the North Carolina Department of the Secretary of State, this directory contains the contact information for state government agencies and their employees.

ECU Verona Joyner Langford North Carolina Collection:
Part of the Joyner Library at East Carolina University, the NCC collects North Caroliniana from all over the state, but focuses much of its efforts on the eastern half of the state.  From this site users can find hours and contact information, browse collections, and find links to useful North Carolina resources.

Institute of Government Electronic Publications:
This site, maintained by the UNC-School of Government, serves as an aggregator for works published by the Institute. The site provides access and ordering information for books, manuals, monographs, and research reports for the citizens and public officials of North Carolina.

This database, maintained by the North Carolina State Data Center, provides access to over 1200 data series from state and federal agencies.  This site provides a vast amount of information including the complete 2000 Census, vital statistics, agriculture, education, and business and industry.  For those users unfamiliar with the database and overwhelmed by the vast amount of information provided, the site offers a number of tutorials to assist them.

NC WiseOwl:
Sponsored by the Instructional Technology Division of the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, this extremely well designed site contains a wealth of research information for school aged children as well as their parents and teachers. 

NC WARN (Waste Awareness Reduction Network):
WARN is a non-profit dedicated to "reducing damage to public health and the environment caused by radioactive and industrial pollution" through "sound scientific research, advocacy, and public education and involvement."  On the site visitors can read about North Carolina news, WARN events and programs, and membership information.
This is the homepage for the statewide non-profit organization the North Carolina Child Advocacy Institute.  The page includes resources focusing on research and policy change in four areas: child health and safety, early care and education, child maltreatment, and juvenile justice.

North Carolina Center for Public Policy:
The Center is an independent, nonprofit organization committed to goals of a better-informed public and more effective and responsive government.  The site includes news, press releases, and a directory of their Board of Directors and staff.

North Carolina Datanet (Odum Institute for Research in Social Science):
This group, based at UNC at Chapel Hill,  is dedicated to "the cooperative study of problems in the field of social science."  The center offers services to support the research and training of social science faculty and graduate students.  Visitors to the site can review the services, programs, and resources this organization offers.

North Carolina Democratic Party:
This is the official web site for the North Carolina democratic Party.  The site provides information on how to get involved in the Democratic Party, local information, and the political issues the party supports. The site also has links to online voter registration.  The organization's headquarters is located in Raleigh, North Carolina.

North Carolina Green Party:
The Green Party supports "a grassroots democracy, social justice and equality, non-violence, decentralization, feminism, and various other progressive ideals."  This is the party's official site.  on the site, users can learn more about the group, its activities, and the platform that it supports.

North Carolina Encyclopedia (State Library):
This site, maintained by the State Library of North Carolina,  provides an overview of North Carolina people, government, history and resources. Visitors can find a wealth of basic information about the state here.
North Carolina Government Information Locator Service:
Sponsored by the Office of State Budget and Management, this site offers easy access to goverment information via a simple search interface.  An advanced search feature is also available so users can perform a more targeted search.  Click on the “Find NC” logo to begin your search.

North Carolina Home Page: Welcome to North Carolina:
This site serves as the main gateway to information about North Carolina.  Here visitors can find a wealth of resources about the state including information for citizens, businesses, and state employees.

North Carolina Public Interest Research Group:
Located in Raleigh and Chapel Hill, North Carolina, NCPIRG is an advocate for the public interest. NCPIRG's mission is to "deliver persistent, result-oriented public interest activism that protects our environment, encourages a fair, sustainable economy, and fosters responsive, democratic government."  Visitors to the site can view information about organizational news, projects, and membership.

North Carolina Republican Party:
This is the official web site of the North Carolina Republican Party, headquartered in Raleigh, NC.  The site contains information about how to get involved in the party, as well as information on candidates and elected officials.

North Carolina State Board of Elections:
Here users can check their voter registration, search for their voting location, read campaign finance reports, and check voting statistics from around the state.  The site also offers links to other state and federal agencies that deal with elections and voting.

North Carolina Center for Voter Education:
This organization is a non-profit organization dedicated to "improving the quality and responsiveness of North Carolina's election system."   The Center hopes to "raise citizen awareness, make the election process more inclusive, and increase participation in elections by examining North Carolina's current system of campaign finance and election laws, and by promoting research and public discussion about the electoral process."  Visitors to the site can view news and publications produced by the group in a variety of formats.

Office of State Personnel:
This site serves as a clearinghouse for human resources information for the state of North Carolina.  The system functions through a "partnership with managers and personnel directors in the agencies, universities and institutions in the state." Visitors can search state job openings, review personnel policies, and look for training opportunities.  The site also contains links to resources for current state employees and human resource professionals.

Organizational Chart of North Carolina State Government:
Maintained by the Department of the Secretary of State, this site offers an organizational chart for the state government in pdf format.  Other file offered include a directory of current state and county officials, a transcription of both the current and 1868 state constitution, and a list of candidates from the 2004 General Election.
School of Government  (UNC-Chapel Hill):
This is the home page for the School, which is made up of the Institute of Government and the Master of Public Administration Program at UNC at Chapel Hill.  The site contains resources for current and prospective students, faculty, and government workers.

State Employee Association of North Carolina:
This is the official home page of the State Employees Association of North Carolina, dedicated to "the protection and enhancement of the rights and benefits of state employees."  Visitors to the site can view Association news, keep track of  legislative affairs, and find membership information.

State of North Carolina Summary of Financial Condition:
This site, maintained by the North Carolina Office of the State Controller, offers a variety of state financial reports in pdf format.

UNC Chapel Hill North Carolina Collection:
Part of the UNC at Chapel Hill Library System, the North Carolina Collection contains gathers artifacts, printed items, and photographs documenting the history and literature of North Carolina.  In addition to reviewing operating hours and services offered by the NCC, visitors can look at online resources and peruse their photographic archive, which contains images from all 100 North Carolina counties.