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Census: Non-Population Federal Census Publications 1810-1997: Home

Guide to various federal census publications, excluding population census

Expected Outcomes

After reviewing this guide, the user should be able to:

  • Find Non-population census materials in Joyner Library
  • Get help from a librarian

Federal Government Databases

The following are direct links to all of the subscription databases for ECU Libraries containing Federal Documents.

NASS Census Video

Non-Population Census publications

This guide does not include decennial population census publications.

Items with Library of Congress call numbers (ex: HA 201 1810 B2) can be found in the Joyner Stacks, 2nd floor.

Items with SuDocs numbers (ex: C3.31/5:964) can be found in the Joyner Documents Stacks, basement.

LAC and Serial Set numbers refer to volumes that are in the Library of American Civilization and the Serial Set microformat collections. Both sets are located in the Federal Documents & Microforms Department, in the library basement .

For assistance in locating census materials, contact either Government Documents or the Research and Instructional Services Department.