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Map Series in the North Carolina Collection: Nautical Charts

Nautical Charts

NOAA Nautical Charts
Scope and content:
Produced by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, U.S. Dept. of Commerce, the series includes nautical charts of North Carolina's coast, rivers, sounds, and harbors. The charts, which range in scale from 1:150,000 to 1:600,000, show nautical depths, lights and buoys, lighthouses and beacons, and shipwrecks.

Access:   The two dozen nautical charts are arranged by chart number. NOAA Nautical Chart Catalog 1: United States Atlantic and Gulf Coasts accompanies the nautical charts.  More recent nautical charts are contained in GMCO's Waterproof Chartbook of North Carolina, from Back Bay VA to Little River SC (2001), NoCar Ref Oversize G1301.P5 G5 2001.