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North Carolina Wetlands: Map and Web Resources

Reading Sanborn Maps

Web Sites


Wetland Maps [Paper]

The North Carolina Collection has two different types of wetlands maps.  To access these maps, please come to the NCC service desk and ask a staff member for assistance.

National Wetlands Inventory Maps: These maps were developed by the Fish and Wildlife Service, U. S. Department of Interior.  The North Carolina series contains the same quadrangles utilized for the 7.5 Minute series of the U. S. Geological Survey topographic maps.  Maps are located in the NC Collection and are arranged alphabetically by quadrangle names.  

Wetland Type Maps:  These maps were developed by the North Carolina Division of Coastal Management.  The color-coded maps reflect different types of wetlands in counties located in Eastern North Carolina.  Scales of components of the data range from 1:100,000 to 1:24,000.  Explanatory notes filed with the maps include definitions of wetland types.