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3D Printing: Home

A guide to 3D printing at Joyner Library.


Joyner Library's 3D Printing Studio is no longer holding "open studio hours." To schedule a time to visit the studio or consult with staff, please email us directly.

Hours of Operation

Fall 2019 Hours

Joyner Library's 3D Printing Studio is no longer holding "open studio hours." To schedule a time to visit the Joyner 3D Printing Studio or consult with staff, please email us directly.

***The 3D Print Studio is located in the northwest corner of the Teaching Resources Center.

3D Printing in the News

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Welcome to the 3D Printing Research Guide! 

Work through the tabs above from left to right to learn how to turn your digital 3D model into a physical object using Joyner Library's 3D printers.

This research guide will enable the learner to:

  • become familiar with the resources and services of Joyner Library's 3D Print Studio
  • locate and use Joyner Library's 3D printers and scanners
  • learn about the 3D printing process
  • identify additional resources to learn more about 3D printing technology

If you need help with your assignments at any time, please use the contact information listed in the "3D Printing Help" boxes or the "Get Help" tab.

3D Printers at ECU

Click the red flags on the map below to see who else on ECU's campus is using 3D printing!

3D Printing Help

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Phone:  Call the TRC Service Desk at (252) 328-6076.

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Email:  Email us at

  We will answer you within 24 hours when classes are in session.


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Schedule a 3D Printing Consultation:

We are only available to consult in person at this time:

Please email us directly to schedule a consultation.